The official gallery and store of Panamanian artist Rudy Cole. 

Various works newly released to the online market.

CharCole Studio

Rudy Cole

"An artist's work shall

speak for itself."

"Each soul has a different perspective to each one's self. The vision is determined from within one's imagination and reality."

~Rudy Cole


Rudy Cole is a Panamanian artist living in Pasadena, California producing charcoal drawings, 3D paper collage, mixed media works, and portraits by commission. He has exhibited in numerous galleries and sold to private collections far and wide.  Interested in art since the age of seven, Rudy finished his 

education in the arts in 2007 at the age of fifty-four. Developing a style all his own,  Rudy mixes photorealistic charcoal figures and sohlouettes with paper collage to create 3D scenes bursting with color and patterns.



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