Rudy Cole was born in September of 1953 in Panama. From the early age of seven, Rudy became intrigued with art.


At age 16 Rudy enrolled in Escuela de Artes Plasticas.  There the development of Artist and Creativity intertwined.  Rudy began free lancing and commissioned art and sold many pieces to clients in South and Central America.


In 1978 Rudy Cole migrated to the United States where he currently resides in Pasadena, California.  After arriving to California, Rudy Cole studied art at various institutions such as Pasadena City College, Art Center College of Design and the Los Angeles Academy of Figure Art.  He studied under the renowned artist Nathan Fowkes (a concept artist of animation and entertainment projects).  His arts studies concluded in 2007. 


Rudy Cole’s field of expertise are charcoal and pastels.  Cole is influenced by artist such as Nathan Fowkes, Charles White and Ira Korman.


During the past decade Rudy Cole has continued to illustrate his passion for art.  His exhibits include but not limited to: A solo exhibition at Lanisha Cole’s Gallery at Bergamonts Station in Santa Monica (2012), a joint exhibition at the Pasadena Central Library (2014).


This current exhibition entitled “Women of Culture” exemplifies the artist’s techniques and influences.


Cole believes an Artist’s work shall speak for itself. Each soul has a different perspective to each one’s self.  The vision is determined from within one’s imagination and reality.